Employ the latest cutting-edge tech with our Training & Support


Want to use the latest tech, but don’t have time for the steep learning curve?
Master new technologies quickly with our on-point training. And with our post-training support, you’ll have a mentor to fall back on when you need that extra experience.


How our training & support works

Initial consultation

An initial free consultation will provide a great understanding of your requirements.
We’ll then design a training plan to ensure you can meet your goals.


Just because someone is good at something, doesn’t mean they’re good at teaching it. Our training is provided by industry veterans who are also experts at knowledge-transfer


Your success is our goal. We’ll provide post-training support so you can have an experienced mentor to help you in your next project.

Our Experience

Our team has helped some of the world’s biggest cooperation’s and government bodies with project development and training.

The areas we can help you with

Different businesses use VR apps differently to benefit their businesses. Your business can significantly benefit with the power of virtual reality.

Real-time Rendering

Reduce rendering times with real-time rendering. With the latest game engine technologies, you can produce photo-realistic renders in real-time. If your animation is 60 seconds long, your rendering time would be just over 60 seconds.

VR Development

Don’t just settle for basic 360 VR!
Create immersive experiences by designing photo-realistic and interactive 3D VR projects. Allow your clients to be truly submerged in your project and give them full interactive control of their environment.

Games Design & Development

Present your next project in the form of an interactive game. Create desktop or mobile apps, and engage your audience in a fun or educational experience.

3D modelling & animation

Present your ideas in 3D. Learn how to design, rig and animate 3D assets, and create animated videos for presentation, simulation, and training.

The most comprehensive training & support program

The skills you need

Our training is designed around 1 thing, and 1 thing only.
Your skills.
Our aim is to make sure you master the skills you need, in the shortest amount of time, to work on your next project.

The training you deserve

Your training will take you from Zero to Hero in no time. We understand exactly what you need to learn, and the best practices to ensure you learn them as efficiently as possible.

Our support

We won’t leave you on your own after your training. We understand that even with the most comprehensive training available, you’ll still need time to adopot to new technologies. That’s why we’ll be there to help you with your next projects to ensure you have a solid post-training support.