Games Design & Development Studio


Do you have a game idea that you’d like to design & develop? Games are highly effective in entertainment, education and even revenue generation. Whether you’re looking for a game to be released on PC, consoles or mobile phones, our team of professionals are ready to deliver.


How we develop Games

Initial consultation

We’ll need to understand your game idea first. An initial consultation allow us to discus ideas, and helps everyone understand the brief.

Game Development

During the development phase, you’ll receive constant updates on the progress of your new game. Your input will help shape the game into what you truly want it to be.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the entire project, we will be running multiple in house and external quality assurance sessions to ensure maximum quality & functionality of your game.

Our Experience

Our team has helped some of the world’s biggest cooperation’s and government bodies with project development and training, including Games Design & Development.

How game development can help your business

Different businesses use games differently to benefit their businesses. Your business can significantly benefit with the power of games.

Revenue Stream

In today’s market, releasing a game can be an amazing method of generating revenue. Releasing new game titles have become very easy, as we have platforms such as Steam, Epic, Goole Play & the App Store. You can make your games available to purchase, have in game micro-transactions, and even run ads.

Games for Education

Playing games is entertaining, but they can also be a highly effective educational tool. Many schools are using games to teach new skills and lessons to their students. By combining education with entertainment, students are always engaged and interested to learn more.

Games for Simulations

Games are used by many different organisations, including industries and sectors such as health, defense and construction. In particular for high risk occupations, a training can be initiated in a safe virtual gamified experience, before placing trainees in potential dangerous situations.

Amazing Royalty scheme

We’ll develop your game using Unreal Engine, and based on their licencing agreement, the first $1 Million you make are your to keep. Any profits beyond that will only incur a 5% royalty fee.

The tools we use to develop Games

To develop, design and ship your game, we use Unreal Engine.
Unreal Engine is a powerful game engine which is used to develop some of the world’s best titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Star Wars, Batman and much more.
It is also used in many different industries such as games, films, virtual production, architectural visualization and automotive.

With more than 15 years of experience in games development, you can be sure your game will be designed by a group of professionals, delivering the best possible result.

Turning an idea into a game master piece

Your idea of a game

We’ll listen to your idea and requirement for the development of your game. We will then discuss potential concepts and creative solutions that you may not have previously thought about.

Your approval of design

Throughout the design process, your project manager will be constant communication with you, informing you of every new development of your game. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with each and every stage of design.

Your game

This is your idea, your game and your right. The game we develop for your will be owned by you, and you will have full copyright and ownership of your game. You can sell, publish and deploy your game in any way or form you wish.

Our support

We will be providing you with post-service support. Want something changed, added or updated in your game? Or perhaps you wish to train your team to use or further develop your project in house? We’re here to help you beyond project development.